We are Business & Cultural Event Planner and Facilitator

FIRSTEYE INC in Chicago Illinois is a Non-Profit Cultural Event Planner and Facilitator Promoting Global peace through Lectures, Symposia, Workshop, arts, Cultural Festivals, awards and Tourism.

Our Mission Statement is:.

  • To organize and bring together people from different Cultures together to foster same goal of coexistence through various activities that brings togetherness in making the World a better place to live.
  • Identify basic challenges of inter relationship among our youths and create avenue to accommodate our differences through Educative Sessions.
  • Promote Cultural entertainment as an avenue of appreciating the cure values of moral ethics in our Society

The CEO of FirstEye Concept – Wole Akanni Duro-Ladipo was born into a renowned world theater icon named Duro-Ladipo (Late) in the late 60s. He had his elementary and High School in Ibadan, Nigeria and Bachelor of Education in Political science/English Language (B.ed) from University of Ibadan in 1998.

We are First Eye Concept

We strive for Cultural Diversity across the globe

At First Eye Concept, we believe that diversity is crucial for creating an inclusive and respectful society.

Embracing diversity promotes creativity, innovation, and economic growth.

To achieve diversity across the globe, we need to eliminate discrimination and bias, implement policies that promote diversity, and create opportunities for people from different backgrounds to engage with one another.

By working together, we can create a world that values and respects diversity, and one that is inclusive and equitable for all.